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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  October 5, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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it is a pretty scary threat. i guess we have to just stay alert. >> fbi and atf a at local universities on alert on fox 29's morning news why colleges are warning their students to be careful today and be on the a alert. is what next for battered jersey shore after days of stormy weather, dave kinchin is live with more on the natural disaster. plus a man struggling in the surf off the coast of new jersey, coastguard just happened to be passing by, what he was doing in the water in the first place before being rescued. good day, it is monday, october 5th, 2015. lauren johnson has the day off. scott, she deserves to sleep in on her birthday. >> happy birthday to her, on her day off and it looks like weather is improving as well across the area. we have damp, dreary
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conditions but coastal flood concerns, we still have that ongoing but it looks like we will have a cool start, more sunshine and look at the temperatures, it is a chilly start 567893. wind out of the north east at the 12 miles an hour. look the at the numbers north and west, 40's right the now in pottstown. 48 degrees in allentown. forty-eight. lower 40's. really chilly in the pocono mountains. we have mid to upper 50's heading in to south jersey. we will zoom in closer right the now lewis delaware 59. fifty-seven in woodbine, we're looking at 57 cape may, upper 50's beach haven and brigantine but look at chilly conditions, those 40's showing up on the maps. so certainly a fall chill out there. the wind out of the north east anywhere from ten to 15 miles an hour, keep the breezes and also you can see as we move into extreme southern sections of delaware and south jersey through tonight we still have that coast aal flood advisory in effect, next high tide
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cycle will right now and again later this a afternoon. look at satellite and radar, raining still in the the carolinas. we will see a mixture of sun and clouds here and look at joaquin moving away from bermuda. but look at all of this rainfall continuing right now through sections of south carolina they have seen over 2 . but bus stop buddy for today a chilly start, temperatures are going to be in the 50's so have those jackets and sweater, we will talk much more about what to speculate they are week but how is traffic looking this monday morning. >> good morning, everybody. 4:02. back at it and crews have been working hard doing a lionel richie on us here, this is a live look at route 100 between pennsylvania turnpike and route 113, the repaving project there rolling through chester county. rest of the the roadways in the bad at all still damp and wet. watch as those wet leaves are mathed down on the road surface from all of the weekend rain and wind h that could make things slippery this morning.
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live look at the benny up and over into downtown. no problems at all coming from south jersey where we're in good shape here on the 42 freeway. if you are watching us down the shore, all of the major roadways are opened. talked to a few folks that said on friday and saturday it was like a weekend in the summertime, everyone was heading to the shore, to bunker down their houses, pull in all of their lawn furniture. even though, they got hit hard and it was flooding there was a a lot of action in and out of the shore towns. majors like expressway, parkway are opened but of course, individual towns i know we have someone on the the way down there. we will take you their life. if the roads are closed, they are still closed for a reason. the lets take a easy and go around the block and a swerved the streets that look flooded out because underneath the that water there could be some key brings that could be dangerous. the schuylkill expressway looking good this morning. in problems coming down i-95 out of northeast philadelphia septa begins a shuttle bus
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program this week on the lansdale doylestown line and basically a tree trimming operation. they will run trains for the morning, and the evening rush hearst but from 9:00 to 5:00 they will be using shuttle will buses between column mar and doylestown. otherwise we are good to go on mass transit and so far so good at the the a airport. the chris, back to you. universities in our area are on high alert after fbi issued a warning bay credible threat against them. threat the made anonymously on line targets a philadelphia area school. lets go out to steve keeley in university city with the very latest on this, steve, good morning. >> reporter: well, college kid around philadelphia just can't catch a break. this time last week their lives disrupted both here in center city and outside on the main line by the pope's visit. now this week another new mishap for them to deal with. local schools from the shore to the main line, again, stockton state outside atlantic city down to delaware. a warning bay threat something will happen at the 2:00 p.m.
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at a school near philadelphia very vague but still very concerning to the fbi who put out notice to the schools saying it is an abundance have of caution kind of thing. we're not telling you to hunker down and stay inside and lock down but be on high alert. it was parents that were immediately worried and then some of the kid. the students wondering whether to skip classes today. >> it is pretty scary threat. i guess we just got to stay alert and just keep an eye out, you know, you know, that something might happen. >> i didn't really think anything of it. i thought about the shooting at oregon. i said it is kind of crazy, how people threaten. >> i start to question whether or not we should control guns in the country more or not, like i don't know how to feel about this but enough is enough at the this point. >> i'm pretty scared myself honestly and i'm also really just tired of this whole thing with shootings, and i don't know, i mean honestly the past
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few shootings that have gone on they are sad did you i haven't really felt deprived. it is just like oh, another one. >> reporter: and so don't be surprised if you are on a college campus and you see more than the usual number of security officers, it doesn't take much to see them, usually milling around. but you'll see more milling around today. they will take this as seriously as they can, and add extra patrols, as they told us, chris. >> makes sense, steve, we will check back as things progress there. 4:06. the days of wicked wind and punishing waves have pound add way at the jersey shore. so this is the scene off 111th street in stone harbor. they say beaches up and down cape may county are badly eroded. sunday, hours after the high tide some streets were flooded with several feet of water. today, the the bay pouring into garages and homes what a mess. trees have been torn from the roots and boats left stranded off the the bay.
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>> it is gone. it is just a a mess. i can't believe it. >> it is amazing. it was just a few days ago it was a normal beach. after sandy it was similar. the it seems worse now. >> so, at this point officials must work out refurbishing plans and since new jersey declared a state of emergency that process should begin quickly. u.s. coastguard lifts man from rough waters off the coast of north jersey. big wave knock a guy off his jet the industry in manasquan monmouth county on sunday. jet ski was pulled away as he floated in the water. look at from the the coastguard's point have view. this crew happened to be flying a training mission nearby and was able to pull that man to safety. what luck. they posted this video to facebook. that guy is truly lucky. let's stay in new jersey for this officials say court officers and huge justice complex in trenton will reopen. that building closed last wednesday after a freon leak in the air conditioning system. repairs have been made, and
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they have pumped in fresh air. back here in philadelphia one of the oldest churches is more likely to grab your tension. the saint john's at 13th and market in center city has a historical marker out found. founded in 1830, saint john's is an active parish original roman catholic church burned down in 1899 bureaus again. state and city leaders join parishioners to unveil the new marker over the weekend. >> this church has been a part of a very important historical events and stood the test of time, even with anti catholic riots, here in philadelphia, as it is hard to believe it survived and saint john the evangelist has put the needs of the congregation ahead of everything else. >> that church served as the the roman catholic church for pennsylvania, delaware and parts of the new jersey, for 1838 to 1964. now, on to some sad news for you, the former president of the philadelphia chapter of the naacp has passed away.
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jerry mondesire's family says he pass add away yesterday at jefferson hospital. friend tell us the six five-year old was rush to the hospital friday and brain aneurysm and his kidneys were failing. the doctors say mondesire was on life support but friends tell us he never regain consciousness. the his family says he was surrounded by close friend and family. details on the memorial services are are on the work. president obama took time over weekend to honor our country's fire fighters. >> heartfelt word from the president sunday paying tribute to the fire fight hours died in the line of duty. president speaking at national fallen fire fighters memorial service in maryland. they honored 87 fire fighters, most of whom died in the year 2014. among them... >> they are good stewards, serving their neighborhoods, their communities, our nation with courage, and fortitude and strength. >> among those who died in the line of duty last year fallen
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philadelphia fire fighter joyce craig. craig died while fighting a house fire in west oak lane last december. being called a hero he stepped in front of the shooter's gun to protect a classroom full of students. the overwhelming support from this army vet, determined to save lives. plus two bears, one little dog and the pup wins. what the the dog did next, to send the bears running.
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three taste of walking for the komen three day walk yesterday at the navy yard in south philadelphia a more than 1,000 men and with men took part in the journal think past weekend. the 60-mile hike began friday at willow grove park mall, they raised, about two and a half million dollars for this. wow. that is of course for breast cancer research. so good weather for it, i suppose. we had some rain. it isn't too hot out there, scott. >> right. thankfully we salvaged the second half of the weekend. i mean really saturday socked in with the clouds, showers and winds and it looks nice there along the the navy yard
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there yesterday afternoon. taking a look is what happening right now with hurricane joaquin still a category one hurricane but look at the winds down to 85 miles an hour and it had wind earlier during first part of the weekend of 130 miles an hour and look at movement on off to the north/north east at 13 miles an hour. just the north and west of bermuda by a hundred miles. it will continue to move out to the opened waters of the atlantic. coastal flood concerns continue through 7:00 o'clock tonight. you can see sections of cape may county, cumberland county highlighted in green, also central, southern delaware, through 7:00 o'clock tonight. high tide cycle right the now and then again later this afternoon at 4:00 o'clock. just be mindful of. that weather by the numbers on a scale have of one to ten, today not that bad. we will give it an eight. it will stay cool and breezy. temperatures slightly below where we should be for this time of the year. take a look at the what is happening right now on the
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surface features map. we have heavy rain impacting sections of the carolinas, some locations have pick up, upward of 2 feet have of rainfall, high water rescues around charleston as well as columbia, south carolina so that rain will stay to our south. there is joaquin pulling a away and then off to the north, we're talking about high pressure. that will continue to move in. that will mean a mixture of sunshine, clouds and also with wind direction out of the north and east it will stay breezy but dry. it is chilly out there this morning. grab a light jack the it or sweater, a fall chill, 53 degrees right now is the the current temperature, wind north east at 12 miles an hour, humidity at 66 percent. look at the temperatures in the the 40 ease right now. allentown 48 degrees. lower 40's in the pocono mountains. reading berks county we are looking at 49 degrees. lower 50's in philadelphia look at will wilmington 50 degrees. fifty-four millville. fifty-seven in atlantic city. the the wind direction pretty
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steady out of the north and east on average at 10 miles an hour. so wind beginning to relax as well. so here is your fox cast today, a cool start, sun and clouds. sixty-seven for the high temperature. and then by tonight, another chilly one. we are looking at mostly clear conditions, 52 degrees is that overnight low. that the weather authority seven day forecast will show you sunshine today, 67 degrees. a as we move toward your tuesday looking pretty good, lower 70's, dry for most of the week. our next best chance for rainfall, bob kelly, friday into sat the day and it looks like about a 30 percent chance of some showers with the frontal boundary, moving through. how is traffic on this monday morning, bob. >> actually not bad at all, 4:16. good monday morning. crews have been working on i i-95 near the cottman interchange. the in the neighborhoods all of the rain and wind we dealt with over weekend could leave some slippery conditions.
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the mainly all those leaves that have started to fall are all matted down on the road surface and they are wet. it is like hitting brakes and trying to stop on a sheet of ice. live look downtown vine street expressway opened for business from end to end but penndot has shut down the 19th street overpass here, as well as that pedestrian overpass, these are the the next two spans that will get demolished as part of the the reconstruction of overpass on the the vine. boulevard looking good no problems out of northeast philadelphia a watching at any of the shore towns, you know, jumping off of what scott just mentioned respect the closure. there is still flood advisories, watch for the debris, once that water recedes there is still debris underneath the there that could be dangerous and i know utility crews have been working all weekend long. it was almost like a friday in the the summertime folks heading to the shore, to check on their properties. so we have major traffic jams, a a lot of action in and out of the jersey shore towns,
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same with the delaware beaches, your coastal flood advisory until later today. respect the closures that are in place, go around the block and cut those utility crews a break as they are making repairs. northbound on the freeway coming in toward philadelphia, again, no problems at all. we have construction in the bellmawr interchange. it was a rough go over weekend for folks flying in and out of philadelphia international. hopefully we will get flights back to normal here this morning. but to play it safe if you are scheduled to fly out of philadelphia a, would i check with the airline again, any flights that did not make it the in yesterday or were detoured or delayed up and down the east coast if a plane is not the there, it is not able to take you out. so check with the airlines to make sure there has been no adjustment to your trip. shuttle bus program, kicks in today on the lansdale doylestown line busing from 9:00 to 5:00 between colmar and doylestown. back to you. 4:18. the coastguard has found another clue in the search for missing cargo ship in the storm driven waters of
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hurricane joaquin. aircraft and ships have found a container that appears to be from the 790 follow el faro. the search and rescue teams found a life ring from the ship carrying 33 mostly american crew members. the authorities lost can with the ship on thursday as the the ship neared the storm battered bohamas. folks in south carolina still without drinking water due to the heavy floods from last weeks storms. officialness columbia say water main breaks are to blame here. people living in the downtown area of the capitol city are mostly affected and they warn this will be likely a problem for the next to four days. the the city has issued a boil water advisory. the last week's rain storm dumped a foot of rain on columbia, eight people were killed, homes and businesses were destroyed. this is a sad story of survival from last weeks massacre in it or gone college campus. randy skogan says his daughter was in the classroom when the gun man started shooting. she told the dad that the the shooter ordered everyone to crawl in the center of the room when he opened fire
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again. one of the victims killed by the gun man ended up on top of laci and that is what saved her life. >> he says then, over laci, and he says that she must be dead. he steps over laci, and shoots the the next one. >> wow. >> how chilling is that? >> laci's family says the the forever grateful to the student who unknowingly saved their daughter a's life. the gun man killed nine people the the the coroner says. shot and killed himself in the middle of the shoot-out with police. 4:20 is the time. one hero, in that rampage says he is overwhelmed by the support. chris mints tried to keep the gun man out of the classroom. gunman shot the army vet seven times despite him telling the shooter it was his son's birthday. mints survived. his family start aid go fund me page hoping for ten grand to help cover his mounting medical bills. last we checked the the site
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has collect more than $737,000 and mints has posted a message thanking everyone and wishing other victims a safe, speedy recovery. after a loss, too close for comfort, sam bradford talks about what the eagles are missing coming up. how about an offensive line. but first here are our winning lottery numbers. good luck.
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good morning i'm sean bell. it is about to be a long season for eagles fans. offense just looked bad in the first three games and had a couple decent halfs and they were inconsistent once again against washington. in the fourth quarter, down by three, sam bradford drops in a pretty, dime. right if into miles austin hand. that is a 39-yard touchdown pass. eagles go up 20-16. now up to the defense to make a stop but washington gets it done. look the at curt cousins, drills pierre garson for 4-yard touchdown in traffic. eagles lose 23-20. offense failed to show up for the entire game, once again. >> i wish i knew how to explain it and then we would get it fix. it seems to be a theory of the first couple games. we're two completely different
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offenses and once we get it going we're pretty good but for some reason there is times when we just struggle to get it going. >> that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. struggle to get it going like every first half? so we caught up with eagles fans after the game and you won't be surprised what they had to say about yesterday's loss. >> i don't expect the a whole lot the rest of the season. >> eagles will do what they have to do. >> it was an awful game. they played terrible again. chip kelly has got to go. >> a a lot of people are saying chip kelly has got to go. i just tweeted out what do you think of chip kill think morning? fans have anything on the the matter they want him out of here. the nfl is playing its part in breast cancer awareness month with players wearing pink cleats and gloves but bills are taking this a step further. the instead of cheerleaders they had 50 breast cancer
4:26 am
survivors welcome bills on the field yesterday. they tweeted out this photo the owe afterward a along with the hashtag, belief. military bride one step closer to walking down the aisle thanks to some help, why this charity is lending a hand and a crest for her on her big day.
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universities across our area stepping up security after fbi warns of a threat to local colleges. the specific time mentioned in an on line threat. dave kinchen good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are in stone harbor where massive erosion is setting in at the the beaches in cape may because of the the powerful winds, and the crushing waves, that came through with the nor'easter. we will show you some really good pictures of the damage and tell you how folks are dealing witt. back to you guys. >> we will check back with your live report. good day everyone it is monday october 520th, 15. lauren johnson is off. it is her birthday. she gets to sleep in. you have been busy looking at what is going on over the weather. >> certainly right there, chris. thankfully some good news as we will continue to see improving weather conditions but damage has already been
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done. lets look at the headlines for today. it is a cool, chilly start, grab a jacket or sweater. more sunshine for this week as we enter a dryer pattern. look at bus stop budd which that sweat shirt on this morning, temperatures in the 50's for most, even 40's for some. lets look at the the latest on hurricane joaquin max wind at 85 miles an hour. movement is key. the north/north east right now at 13 miles an hour so it will continue to move away from bermuda but take a look down the the shore. you can see cumberland county, cape may county, sussex county in delaware. right now, we are looking at high tides cycles so watch out for down the shore for more beach erosion and into those back bays, so the the flood threat is not over just yet. our dryer stretch, high pressure off to the north. you can see more heavy rain in the carolinas, so this will give us a cool start, today, and then a milder afternoon with high temperatures topping
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out in the mid up toker 60's but right now, it is, chilly, winds out of the north east at the 12 miles an hour. coming up we will have much more on very heavy devastating rain in the carolinas, plus that seven day forecast, been? over to you. >> scott, good morning, everybody. 4:31. we are off to a good start. left over construction to kick it off here. this is route 100 between the turnpike and route 113, as part of the overnight paving operations there majors like 202, 422, good to go this morning. nothing out of the ordinary but if you are leaving the neighborhoods, all of the wind and rain we had over the weekend, bringing down those leaves on the road surface could make things slippery this morning. in major roadways, to and from the the jersey shore towns are opened. the expressway, garden state parkway. we had a lot of folks heading down the shore over the weekend rightfully so to sure up their property or check on the lawn chairs and the property. it was like a friday afternoon
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in the summertime when the traffic jam gets in and out of the shore towns but as scott just mentioned we are still not out of the woods yet. respect closures in place even when water does recede there could be debris left behind and then we're watching the high tide coming back our way at 4:00 this afternoon. same deal with the delaware beaches. still under a coastal flood advisory. respect the closures that are in place. watch for debris and, of course, high tides coming again this afternoon. if you are coming into center city penndot has shut down 19th street bridge over the vine street expressway. also, library pedestrian bridge. so, you will a's see some new detours in play there. that is a all part of the vine street expressway make over that we have been seeing the last couple of weeks. and then later on today right after the morning rush hour, septa will start a new shuttle bus program on the lansdale doylestown line all due to tree trimming. they will use shuttle buses from colmar to doylestown from
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9:00 to 5:00 all this week. they will have trains running in the morning and evening hour but it is midday where we will ride the buses. on the 42 freeway coming toward the city in, problems at all, bridges are fine and mass transit the are good. chris, back over to you. college campus's cross the delaware valley are boosting police patrols after an alert from the fbi. feds notified area schools about a on line threat of violence on a campus somewhere in the philadelphia area, at 2:00 p.m. today. it did not offer anymore details other than. that local colleges and universities, of course, started immediately notifying students. this threat comes just days after nine people were killed in the community college in oregon. the students hearsay, that they are concerned but not sure what they should be doing. >> i'm pretty scared myself honestly. i'm also really just tired of this whole thing like with the shootings. >> i'm still in class. i will still walk back and forth between buildings.
4:34 am
unless school cancels classes or something i will be going. >> most schools outside the immediate philadelphia area are on high alert including west chester, the university of delaware, stockton university in new jersey as well. new problem down the shore, in new jersey after days have of flooding beaches has been washed away in the pounding waves. lets go to dave kinchen in stone harbor with more, hi there dave. >> reporter: we're standing here in what seems to be a jagged edge of the world here just off of 111th street, you can he see the massive drop off, of the sand here because of the the beach erosion. we will pan over more to the right and give you a view, with our cameras it is had hard to see at this hour with the darkness but, this all happened because of some of the powerful wind that came through. will lets go to the video. we will show you what it looked like yesterday. pulverizing wind and wrecking ball like waves ripping away sand leaving behind cliffs. authorities say all of the
4:35 am
beaches around cape may have severe erosion and this was hours after the the afternoon high tide caused all of the damage. the as you can imagine here neighbors are in disbelief. >> i was sitting right where that red stickies out of the beach. >> it has only been a few days ago just a normal beach. after sandy, it was similar but to me it seems worse now. >> we didn't expect to walk to grand moms for dinner. we thought we would get to the the car and drive over but we cannot get on the street. >> it would have been awful with the hurricane, that is for sure. >> reporter: heavy rains, wind, and then more water coming in and rushing in and just completely obliterating the beaches here. you can see this massive damage now. local officials are still trying to figure out how to make these repairs and as part of the state's declaration of emergency will help, remedy this problem but there is a lot of big work and, of
4:36 am
course, a lot of things that have to be put into place so officially can address this issue. high tide as you heard just moment ago is expect this a afternoon. the it could be a more messier situation. >> hard to imagine, dave, thank you. >> reporter: yeah. lets turn to this at 4:36. group of military bride is one step closer to walking down the aisle while shopping for the perfect dress is all the more special because of the helping hand. but forget waiting in those long lines while waiting in the grocery store. new invention speeding up the way you check out.
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one device promises to get you through check out and fast. take a look for yourself at the new fast scan lanes. one texas grocery stories rolling them out. they are towers that take a 360-degree nap shot have of your items. you put them on the belt and it takes care of the rest. cashiers will be stationed at the end on have the lane to accept money and deal with any issues. interesting. a group of local military bride getting ready to get the the star treatment for their big day and it the is all thanks to the organization called brides across america. fox's eric gonzales caught up with a bride to be at an event and she searched for this one. >> reporter: as a bride to be you may try on a handfull of dresses, or even.
4:40 am
>> like 20. >> making albright happy here. >> reporter: before you find the one that can be only be describe as. >> perfect, perfect. >> okay. >> reporter: amanda a dean said yes, to this dress and she's not shy to admit the best part of the designer gown is that she got it. >> for free. >> reporter: thanks to the non-profit group brides across america a bridal studio complete. the event operation wedding gown is opened to all military brides who are either serving themselves or engaged to someone who is. her husband is in the air force and with the the big day a few months away every penny counts, when she he learn about the bridal gowns give away she didn't waste a minute. >> even before we got engaged. >> so she loves this dress. >> we're committed very much to the military, i have been working with brides across america military gown give away program since, i think 2008. >> barbara myers is president of the complete contact tour which recently partnered with
4:41 am
brides across america to hold first gown give away in colorado. local military brides will now have have hundreds of brand new dresses to choose from. >> i kind of like the the back, yes. >> reporter: myers says the the program is great way for her store to give back and a way to say thanks to those who serve. >> i could not have have the gowns, unless i knew people in the industry, who were also as intent on giving back. so it is kind of goodness passes from one to the other. wonderful things happen. >> yeah. >> we did it. >> yes. >> that was fox's erika gonzales reporting. okay, i got to read what she wrote for me. pigs are not just on old mcdonald's farm anymore, pet craze sweeping china and outrageous way the country is keeping up with the demand and more outrageous teases from our producer, straight ahead. can days.
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♪ >> we got to love this. now, we had to wait here for the voice of ryan johnson, and i'll stop talking.
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why? i'm waiting. >> what? >> there is no singing in this song? what is it. brian johnson, the lead singer of ac/dc who you are not hearing this morning. he is 68 year-old today. lauren dawn johnson is not quite that old but she's also celebrating a birthday today and she's off. there she is. i took this picture and said wait a minute, people to have see real you before you go on the air. and she said no, she put this on social media. here's the thing, she is so darn cool, scott that she's like i don't care, here's the real me. i love that about her. she's so real. >> good for her. i'm glad she's getting some sleep. i hope she has a happy birth the day and hopefully she's sleeping in on this monday morning. it is a little chilly out there because we're looking at temperatures in the 50's. you will want that light jacket the and sweater and take a look at hurricane joaquin a category one storm,
4:46 am
winds now at 85 miles an hour. movement off to the north/north east at 13 miles an hour, it is a hundred miles north and west of bermuda, but it will be pulling away moving out in the opened waters of the atlantic. take a look at the coast aal flood advisories, we will have that concern through 7:00 o'clock tonight, sent will rally with, southern sections of delaware, cumberland county, cape may county, right now we're dealing with high tides and later this afternoon. the the the flood threat is in the over unfortunately down the the shore. look at the satellite and radar you can see we're pretty much in the clear from the rain but look the the at carolinas. we will continue to get pummeled by downpours. look at the radar estimates. from columbia, the the mid plants to the low country we're talking about over a foot have of rain, high water rescues, devastation here in sections of south carolina so take a look at future fox cast. you can see continuing to watch the rain in the carolinas, joaquin, will be pulling away, a and then as we
4:47 am
continue in time, watching this area have of low pressure made for a little bit of development but it looks like it will will stay off shore, as we continue tomorrow morning and then by middle of the week, that system moves away but for us, a dryer stretch of weather, for most of the week. cool start, milder end and it looks like it will stay dry. 53 degrees right now those wind north and east at 12 miles an hour. humidity in the 60's. looking at the temperatures it is chilly north and west. forty-two is current temperature in the pocono mountains. upper 40's in allentown. forty-eight in pottstown. fifty in wilmington. fifty-five dover. 57 degrees right now in wildwood. wind are pretty uniform from ten to 15 miles an hour out of the north and the east. for today, 67 degrees will be the high temperature, a cool start then by this evening, and then overnight it will be chilly again, temperatures in the lower 50's. how is traffic looking on this monday morning, bob? >> scottie, not that bad at
4:48 am
all we are watching up some construction here. 4:48 we will call it on a monday morning, a live look chester county. good morning to you. live look at route 100 between the pennsy turnpike out there in downingtown and 113. they have been out there all night long. otherwise turnpike looking good from philly bensalem over to valley forge. only a 23 minute trip at least at the moment. 202 looking good from west chester up through the schuylkill, watching it in the neighborhoods the wind and rain over the the weekend matting down those leaves could make things slippery this morning. for folks heading to or back from the shore to check on your house or your property down there we had a major traffic jam over the weekend. it looks like folks were heading down the the shore in mid-july. folks getting down there to again try to sure up their property or take care of any of the issues. no problems on the major roadways. however, in the shore towns, respect the closures, you will want to watch for that debris that could be still sitting there once the the water recedes and we're coming back
4:49 am
with high tides this afternoon at 4:00 o'clock. same deal for again watching us down along the delaware beaches in kent, sussex county, a coastal flood advisory in effect. respect those closures and play it safe here this morning. coming into center city notice some changes. nineteenth street closed bridge over the vine street expressway and pedestrian bridge as part of the reconstruction of the vine, septa, looking good at the moment, however, they will kick in the shuttle bus program this afternoon on the lansdale doylestown line from 9:00 to 5:00, so they will be using shuttle buses between colmar and doylestown. >> bob, you are always on it. thank you, sir. the country's top young chefs right here in philadelphia for next couple days and they are facing off in a food festival as part of the fans under 33 sum that it runs until wednesday. chefs showed off their talent at the kimmel center. it kicks off three days of panels and showcase that he is showcases, young chefs, wine
4:50 am
makers and brewers. breast cancer survivors launched and new hashtag movement. the hashtag show your strap, shown here was started by charity marks in spencer. breast cancer survivors criticized the movement saying it second you'llizes the disease so in response a group of women started a new hashtag and twitter, show us your scar. they say they wanted to display the cruel realities of cancer rather than glamourized it. lady gaga is talking about her american horror story hotel. she said being on the show made her feel alive. she plays at part of the block isn'ting countess but it left her feeling energized and anything but undead. but she says, the the cast welcomed her and made her feel like she could be herself in the way that she has not been in a long time. you can catch the new american horror story on fx, it the premiers, this wednesday night. thousands create a makeshift dance floor at a paris train station saturday night but those in attendance
4:51 am
had to wear headphones to really get the party started. 4,000 people attended the silent disco on saturday night. twelve dj's performed, wearing head fence hooked up to three different music channels. similar parties have been thrown in philly. scientistness china are trying to keep up with the country's high demand for pigs. they are genetically engineering them and selling them for pets . for 1600 bucks a piece. gene he had iting technique alters the pigs, to make them even smaller. now they usually weigh 100-pound. now these land created pigs only grow to be 30-pound. the company bgi says so far they have not found any health issues with these, micro pigs. kind of of cute. all right. a heart of the fighter paul a small dog picks on these two bears. look at the right of the
4:52 am
screen. then the brave little dog, more on that straight ahead. tied.
4:53 am
4:54 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. look the at this. >> and, first i want to tell but this, there is a camera
4:55 am
on top of the westin hoe to tell in delaware. thank you for that camera there. what a beautiful morning. a little french bull dog stood her ground to protect her home and as fox's adam jean explains, this isn't the first run in with these bears at this house. >> reporter: small dogs, big threat, this five-year old frenchie was not having it the friday afternoon when two bears jumped over this gate into her her try. >> they are in her yard and there are children here and she doesn't want that. >> reporter: jewels the dog, went down, toward one of them, while the bears get in a defend itself and runs away. >> i don't know where all that came from. she's 20-pound of fury, and she's just 20-pound of heart. >> reporter: second bear jumped back over gate. second camera shows a different angle. little cubs acting like big scared cats. dogs owner dan fernandes have lived here for ten years and says he sees more wild life in the area now then ever
4:56 am
before we caught these deers walking up the street saturday afternoon. bears are not interested in people or pets but just looking for water and food during this drought. owner here tells us he is nerve thus dog might end up as lunch. if that happens david says people could be partially to blame. >> some don't keep an eye on the trash and others even feed the bears. >> here we go, here we go. >> reporter: he even found it in the dumpster. >> i don't have any empathy for bears. i'm more empathetic to humans, okay, because next it could be a a child. >> reporter: he says bears attempted to slide open his young daughter's bedroom window and crawl inside. >> i have had to put wood up there just to calm things down. >> reporter: he knows image of his small dog chasing bears away will get some laughs but he has a serious message for everyone. >> don't feed the bears, leave them alone, they are not your pets, they can kill you. >> reporting, from monroe.
4:57 am
via, "fox news". meat expert say it is making a popular come back on your plate.
4:58 am
4:59 am
pretty scary threat, i guess we have to stay alert. >> here's why, fbi and atf have local universities on a alert. this morning on fox 29 morning news why colleges are warning students to be careful today. dave kinchen be careful
5:00 am
down the shore, as well. >> reporter: no doubt about that. yesterday's high tide creating some massive erosion here in stone harbor, and coming up, we will show you how people are dealing with it and more importantly, what local officials, plan to do, to fix all of this damage and here's the thing, there is another high tide expected today, chris. >> wow, with that said man struggling in the surf off the coast of new jersey, coastguard, just happened to be passing by, what he was doing in the the water in the first place before he was pluck from the ocean. and some advice jeb bush you are not supposed to say anything if it is not nice, same rules should apply if you are an answer that isn't thoughtful. the shocking comment that the presidential hopeful made about the college shooting in south carolina last week that left speechless. lauren johnson is celebrating her birthday today. happy birth the day, lauren. even though i know, scott that she's sleeping right now. there is no way she just heard us say happy birth the


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